Program for bridal fashion houses

Etos Atelier is the only software tailor made for the requirements of bridal fashion houses.

  • Appointment book by point of sale and seller. Each individual appointment can be shared with the tailor and the salesperson and designated by type of appointment (demonstration, initial tryout, delivery...).
  • Sales: each demonstration can be converted into an offer and a sales contract. Garments sold are controlled by date and ceremony date.
  • Accounts receivable: you can check the credit with payment of the 50% balance by ceremony date and date of last payment.
  • Supplier reorders on the basis of sales with negative stock level.
  • Cash flow: control your cash flow on the basis of the delivery dates.
  • Customer master data: specify the measurements of your customer (breast, waistline).
  • Marketing management: SMS sending for tryout date, delivery, for invitation to events, and events for the bride's family members.

A great number of features

The wealth of features and great specificity do not make Etos expensive, despite it being the only program specifically designed specifically for fashion houses. Ethos costs much less than competing products, even programs that do not have its focus and unique features.


Etos is the only software tailor made for the needs of bridal fashion houses. With features such as the appointment book synchronized with the tailoring calendar, each entry can automatically link the customer to the tailor, with maximum operational speed.


Ethos is full of information, clearly and neatly laid out, to greatly facilitate not only your own activity, but that of your staff. Thanks to its intuitive and streamlined interface, Etos helps you work with great speed and safety.

I chose Etos to manage my two fashion houses, it is really the only specific program available

Etos Atelier: a quick look

We have integrated the customer appointment book with that of the tailoring team, interacting with the warehouse

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