programma per la ferramenta

Software for hardware stores

Ferramenta is an application specifically for hardware stores, which allows you to manage all phases from the entry of inventory items to counter sales.

Perfect for medium to large hardware stores, is a very powerful and fast program. We understand that the biggest problem for a hardware store is its warehouse management with an enormous number of items to be loaded. Importing and adding mark-up to supplier price lists is automatic: this makes it easy to handle all items, and keep prices up to date.

Ferramenta can also manage accounting and interface directly with an e-commerce site, exporting the products directly online.

Complete barcode support

Scan in products easily with terminals and barcodes. Rapidly load and unload your stock, generate transportation documents, delivery slips, orders, sales invoices and payments.

Automates counter sales

The sales process is organized with simple, intuitive screens, completely integrated with the most popular brands of barcode readers and cash registers.

Fast and automatic data import

Load master data, supplier prices and the countless articles from a simple Excel spreadsheet. This allows you to quickly update your database in the most simple way possible.

Customize your labels

Print labels with your bar codes (item, price and logo), or use the supplier's bar code for the product, linking it with their inventory item and price list.

Load price lists automatically

Loads inventory items importing your supplier's data and prices using an Excel spreadsheet. The easiest and fastest way to update the product database.

Insert your products quickly

All the useful information is available with one click. You can view the most recent purchase price and date, the supplier's price, the sales price list and the special purchase/sales conditions.

Insert your documents quickly

You can acquire the products and quantities using handheld barcode readers: loading and unloading warehouse, delivery notes, bills of lading, customer/supplier orders, sales invoices and payments.

Enter your inventory, even partial

Import supplier master data and prices from a normal Excel spreadsheet, and load all your inventory items quickly and automatically with a simple import process.

Automated agent orders

Automatically receive orders from your agents, managing your sales network simply and powerfully. Also see our product for sales network management Preord

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