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Software for sales Network

Preord is a powerful program for sales network management. With Preord your client's situation is always under control: for each order you can view all the customer's accounts, the quantities and the prices paid in the last five deliveries and the ongoing turnover compared with the previous ones. The software can also help you understand how, when and why you lost a deal to the competition (e.g. lower price).

The agent can work independently in managing the negotiation thanks to the function Pocket Money, that makes available to the agent a maximum amount of discounts.

  • Total customization of sales conditions
  • Management of the customer's credit line taking into account delivery documents not yet invoiced
  • Management of receivables on hold, with extra delivery documents and/or payments (e.g. bank transfers, cash orders etc.)
  • Products photo catalogue management
  • Management of manuals for gratuitous loans for use
  • Management of promotions
  • Credit line management

Ease of use

Its intuitive interface and its lean and consistent layout, help staff learn to use it very easily.

High operating speed

Data is immediately available. The information is arranged simply and neatly to ensure efficient and fast management.

Limited expense

The cost of the program is very low and, thanks to the possibility of having separate modules, the spending decision is entirely flexible.

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