software laboratorio analisi cliniche

Software clinical analysis laboratory

ExtraLab is a powerful, full and professional program for clinical testing laboratories.

It is an effective tool for improving the administrative and clinical processes, simply manages all the stages from acceptance to reporting. The warehouse module can be integrated with accounting modules and the software can be interfaced with any laboratory instrument.

  • Multifunctional patient acceptance
  • Examinations on the worktable, customizable by the laboratory
  • Reporting and billing
  • Instrument interfacing
  • Warehouse with reagents management
  • ASL summaries and work statistics
  • Open architecture for interchange
  • Consultazione delle analisi online
  • Gestione di laboratori multipli e consorzi di laboratori

Grazie alla possibilità di consultare online e in modo centralizzato le analisi. Extralab velocizza notevolmente la fruizione dei risultati della analisi e offre un servizio comodo e innovativo a clienti e medici.

Ease and reliability

The clear and intuitive interface helps staff learn to use the software rapidly and provides high reliability and safety.

Powerful and professional

ExtraLab is a high-quality program, with many customers and many years of experience, and can be interfaced with any instrument.

Limited expense

The program is very affordable and can also be purchased by paying an annual fee, for an even more flexible expense.

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ExtraLab in 8 minutes

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