programma laboratorio stampa fotografica

Photo printing software for professional photo labs

Easy Printer is a professional platform for managing photo printing laboratories. It makes possible sending photographic material at the highest quality and speed, and incorporates many of advanced features.

EasyOrd is the name of the software module that the professional photographer can install, thanks to which you can create and send orders online quickly and easily. The photographer will be able to perform editing tasks with a set of dedicated tools (hue, contrast, red-eye), choose the print quality of the photos, apply frames and choose which type of gadget and material to print on. Lastly, through a normal internet connection, the photographer can automatically send all the files to the lab.

EasyLab is the software module installed at the printing laboratory, which can directly bill the orders it receives and connect with all printers. The software includes predefined configurations for Cyra printers (via the gaming NetGate), Noritsu printers (via the Hot Folder plug-in ) and Laserla printers.

Simplified interface

The photographer can easily select the pictures to be included in the order.

The highest quality

The best image quality is always ensured without affecting the shipping time.

Integrated management

The entire process, from the photographer's order to laboratory printing, is automated.

Comprehensive statistics

All the answers and data you need, with detailed statistics of orders received.

Low costs

The remarkable quality/price ratio makes the software an excellent investment.

Full assistance

Full support for your operations: phone, email, Skype, remote support


  • Creation of print queue by format, paper and selected printer.
  • Option to enable one print queue at a time. Once the print queue is activated, the software will start to acquire the orders that meet the conditions (size/paper) of the activated queue.
  • Order acquisition, storing data in a centralized database.
  • Order printing creating both photographic and paper reports.
  • Order envelope printing.
  • Orders can be printed multiple times (to handle defective orders).
  • Printed orders billing.
  • Oldest orders can be moved to free up space on the server.
  • Batch management (opening/closing) for Cyra prints.
  • Real time checking of status of orders of last 4 days.
  • Printout of statistics of new orders.
  • Multiple EasyLab programs can be used simultaneously (on different formats)


  • Photos to be included in the order can be selected through a simple interface
  • Print quality of the picture can be displayed according to the selected format and the quality of the picture itself (density, sizes)
  • Photos can be edited with a comprehensive set of tools (red-eye correction, colour and contrast correction, sepia filters, cutter, etc.).
  • Frames can be added to pictures (for creating calendars)
  • Choice whether to print the photo in cropped to size or with white edges. In the first case, you can also select and display the print area in real time.
  • Gadgets and/or various materials (canvas, Plexiglas, cardboard, etc.) to print the photos on can be selected.
  • Review of orders created but not yet sent
  • Duplication of orders
  • Send your orders online through FTP
  • Burning of the orders on CD / DVD.

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