programma armeria

Software for weapon shops

With Armi you can hit all your targets.

The design of our weapon store software is based on a thorough analysis of the field of weapon store management programs and years of experience in the field.

  • Form 38 and tax records printing
  • Sales/purchase records printing
  • Management of maximum licensed weapons and ammunition levels
  • Inventory management
  • Weapons repair fiscal registry (daily and monthly)
  • Issue of the sales declaration or contextual self-invoice
  • Due date management
  • Weapon serial number check
  • Simplified purchasing and sales management
  • Special clothing sales management
  • Handcuffs, vests and magazines log
  • Weapon declaration printing
  • License renewal registry
  • Warehouse loading from supplier


Its intuitive interface puts all the information you need during your job at your fingertips.

Complete independence in analyzing data

You can assess your business performance at any time, accessing comprehensive and detailed statistics.

Clearly organized warehouse management

Armi organizes the warehouse into groups, families and subfamilies of goods, making everything easily traceable.

Total ammunition control

Armi always highlights the quantities allowed by product type, and warns if limits are exceeded.

Low costs

Armi is a highly professional program and at the same time it is very convenient from a financial point of view.

Full assistance

Prompt, professional and comprehensive support service by phone, email, Skype, and remote support.

Ask us for a free consultation

Send us an email using the contact form or call us at (+39) 0735 582 337.One of our experts will call you back to answer all your questions.

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