software gestione laboratori analisi cliniche

Analysis Laboratories

ExtraLab is a professional software for the management of clinical analysis laboratories, affordable and easy to use. Used by hundreds of laboratories throughout Italy.

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software per agenti e rete vendita

Sales Network

Preord is the software for sales network management: simple, fast, complete, and with the possibility of customization and integration with other software.

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software produzione alimentare

Food Industry

Alimenti is a complete and powerful management software for food industries, especially designed for industries that produce and sell frozen foods.

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software di backup

Backup software

Iperius Backup is a complete software to back up your data to NAS, Tape LTO/DAT, FTP, Cloud, Google Drive. Drive image backup, backup of databases, sync, etc.

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programma per la ferramenta

Hardware stores

Ferramenta is the ideal software for managing hardware stores: complete management of the counter sale and automatic import of supplier lists.

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software negozio calzatura

Footwear stores

Etos Retail is a complete software for shoe stores. Professional, simple, reliable, with all the information always available and easy to find.

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software atelier abiti da sposa

Wedding ateliers

Etos Atelier is a software with unique features to manage wedding dresses ateliers. It includes a detailed calendar for tailoring, cash flow and marketing functions.

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programma produzione calzaturiera

Footwear industry

Shoes is a complete and affordable software for the footwear industry, with inventory management, production planning and comprehensive statistics.

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software gestionale armeria

Gun shop management

Armi is a professional program for the weapons store management with dedicated functions such as issuing the sales declaration, printing form 38 and warehouse management.

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programma per parrucchieri

Software fo hairdressers

Beauty Hair is a lightweight and inexpensive program for managing hairdressers: printing tax-compliant receipts, inventory management, appointment management and statistics by service/product/operator.

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programma centro estetico

Software for beauty centers

Beauty Centre is the ideal software for the management of beauty salons: contract management, printing receipts/invoices, statistics, linking services/product quantity and automatic stock unloading.

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software laboratori fotografici stampa

Photo printing laboratories

Easy Printer is a powerful software for photo labs: order management, intuitive interface, photo editing tools, connection with the accounting software and automatic sending to the laboratory via Internet.

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